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October 19, 2008

Self-delusion and other anomalies

The University of Nebraska announced that they will NOT, after all, be hosting William Ayers to speak in November in Lincoln, citing “safety concerns.”  Prudent decision.  The state capitol is only a few blocks away.  I’d hate to see it bombed.  Although I’m sure the thousands of calls and emails from outraged parents and alumni over the university’s inviting an unrepentant terrorist speak to their young impressionable offspring might have had something to do with it as well.  Just a hunch.  See, we’re a red state; thus most of us still posess at least some amount of common sense and respectability. 

Here is a photo of the aforementioned, taken in 2001.  Yes, that is an American flag that he’s standing on. 

Ayers was quoted in the New York Times on 9/11, saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”  And he hasn’t apologized for his actions—ever.   Sounds like a good, upstanding, decent person.  Just the type of guy I’d like to hear delivering the keynote.

Greg Gutfield humorously asks the question, “How does a terrorist become a professor?”  He surmises, “Maybe these bombers were able to become professors because of connections. After all, when it comes to tenured radicals, it’s not who you know, but who you blow.”

I’ve been chuckling about a little exchange I had during mass this morning.  Father Andrews emphasized the importance of having one’s priorities straight when it comes to forming one’s conscience before voting.  It was a great homily, and while he never mentioned any names, it was quite clear from what he said that a candidate’s stand on abortion is foundational in informing the conscience before casting a ballot during an election.  He likened abortion to a societal hemhorrage, emphasizing that all other issues are moot if one thinks it’s okay to deny a human the right to life.  “If someone’s femoral artery is severed, and they also have a headache, do you give them an aspirin?  No!  You get a tourniquet on that thing!”  In other words, let’s get our priorities straight. 

Afterward, the sweetest old lady in the world leaned over to me and said, “I STILL don’t know who I’m supposed to vote for.”  Okay, maybe he should have mentioned names.

I place her in the category of good-hearted and ill-informed.  Or perhaps just uninformed.  Because if you need to find out a candidate’s stand on abortion, you’d be hard-pressed to NOT find that information, especially about BO, whose stance is sickeningly radical on this issue.

In similar news, the Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput, stated that Obama is the most “committed abortions rights candidate from a major party in 35 years.”  He said that Obama, and Catholics who support him, are doing a “disservice to the Church.”  Yeah, I’ll say. 

Chaput also said,  “To suggest—as some Catholics do—that Senator Obama is this year’s ‘real’ pro-life candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse.  [Pro-Obama Catholics] seek to contextualize, demote and then counterbalance the evil of abortion with other important but less foundational social issues.” 

I’m telling you, I personally cannot understand the rationale of the Catholic Obama supporter.  To me, it sounds like an oxymoron.  Here the Catholic Church is one of the leading—if not the leading—pro-life institutions, and yet there are actually people out there suggesting that the man who would sign the Freedom of Choice Act the instant he’s inaugerated is “pro-life.”  Self-hypnosis, indeed.  Actually, I’d describe it more as self-delusion.

Choose life….Government has no authority to take away an innocent person’s life.  Government exists, instead, to secure the rights of all the people.  Some claim they don’t know when life begins.  So, if they are hunting and don’t know whether it’s a bear or a man hidden from view, may they shoot?  If not, then how do they justify abortion when they are not sure what it destroys?  -Father Frank Pavone


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