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October 16, 2008

So much to say…

…so little time. 

To use my new favorite phrase, last night’s debate may best be described as a “bilious crapfest.”  Actually, it wasn’t quite as bad as that.  McCain did a little bit better at holding Obama accountable for his political ideologies, and crusty dinosaur Bob Schieffer asked about abortion!  To which Obama responded with a series of documentable, bald-faced lies.  But I’ll get to that in mere moments.

Here’s the main thing I took away from last night’s debate regarding Obama, and this was made especially apparent by the recurrent references by both candidates to Joe the Plumber (who is now becoming a folk hero for calling Obama out on raising his taxes):  If you can afford it, your money will be redistributed.  Really, there’s no sugarcoating, “Well, Joe, I’m going to spread your wealth around.” (What an arrogant, narcissistic, elitist thing to say, by the way.)   Joe the plumber made quite clear in an interview with Neil Cavuto just how hard he’s worked to grow his plumbing business to the point it’s at, and how Obama’s tyrannous assertions mean that he won’t be able to expand his business anymore.  So much for the American dream.  I guess it’s only allowable to $250,000.  Obama’s message came across loud and clear:  If you’re successful, you will be punished for it.  McCain did come through at this point, saying, “There is a fundamental difference of philosophies.  This [Obama’s philosophy] is big government at its best.”  Arguably, its worst. 

Then Schieffer brought up the appointing of Supreme Court justices and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  Both candidates stated that they didn’t think there should be a litmus test when considering judges.  McCain did say that he would appoint judges who adhere to a strict understanding of the Constitution, and none of this “living, breathing” crap.  (My words, not his.)  Which is a blog post in itself.  How on earth can anyone make a judgement of what’s right or wrong when one believes that those things change constantly?  (Read:  one of the big quandaries for Protestants, many of whom end up church-hopping incessantly due to disagreements of interpretation.)  Back to the discussion at hand, I suppose that one can just about justify any type of behavior this way, which pretty much answers my question about why liberals like this faulty understanding of our nation’s most important foundational document:  It can be interpreted to excuse anything…including INFANTICIDE and MURDER of babies in the womb.  (Shifting sands, anyone?  The foolish man built his house upon the sand.  The wise man built his house upon a rock, right?)

When McCain challenged Obama regarding his radical abortion extremism, spotlighting his votes against and “present” on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as well as against partial birth abortion,  Obama ummed and uhhed his way through, desperately trying to explain himself.  He tried to muddy the water and change the subject by bringing up “equal pay for equal work” (what does that have to do with Roe v. Wade?)  His final explanation for voting against BAIPA:  The hippocratic oath, according to Obama, would prevent any doctor from allowing an infant to die, cold and alone, in a trash can, after that same physician failed in his attempt to kill it (supposedly while operating under said Hippocratic oath.)  And he stated that there was already a law on the books for BAIPA situations.  Well, some effective law.  So effective, apparently, that an overwhelming number of lawmakers—Republican and Democrat—deemed it necessary to draft BAIPA and sign it into federal law.  Yeah, I know, it was quite pitiful. 

McCain did occasion for a bit of cheering on my part when he asked Obama, “How do you align yourself with the extreme far left abortion position and vote ‘present’?”  How, indeed. 

He also threw in the part about there always being an exception for the “life and health of the mother.”  Did you know a mother can cite “headache” as a health reason for ending her baby’s life? 

Mr. Obama then went into needing to find common ground.  There is no common ground here.  You either align yourself as for life or against life.  There’s is no middle point.  By the way, Obama’s definition of “common ground” apparently means codifying abortion into law, taking away state’s rights to decide these things, using tax dollars to fund abortions by repealing the Hyde amendment, and stopping funding of crisis pregnancy centers, which compassionately help women find alternatives to abortion, like adoption.  I don’t like Obama’s idea of common ground.  

Obama admitted that abortion is a difficult, moral issue.  He said that there’s a right to “privacy” in the Constitution.  At which point I was screaming at the TV, “What about the right to LIFE?!?”  Uh, uh, uh.

If abortion is such a difficult issue, and one can admit that they should be made “safe, legal, and rare” (one of the greatest cop-outs, second only to “I cannot be a single-issue voter”), then isn’t that person basically admitting that there’s something fundamentally wrong with it?  I don’t hear anyone saying that we should make murder “safe, legal, and rare.”  They’d be laughed out of town.  And I’m still trying to figure out in what alternate universe Obama’s strategy of reducing the number of abortions by supporting them legally across the board, for any reason, and at any stage of pregnancy, would actually work?  Hey, everybody, let’s reduce the number of abortions by making them even MORE available!  

Yes, I’m all riled up.  But I reserve the right to get riled up in my blog.  After I’m done here, I’ll sedately go about my business with a smile on my face and a prayer in my heart.

Yes, I must end this post.  I have company coming and lunch to prepare.



  1. Yep it was pretty much a crapfest.

    What’s for lunch? And why not talk politics????

    Comment by ahrcanum — October 16, 2008 @ 9:22 am |Reply

  2. wow! You said it all so well! Thanks.

    Comment by wbmoore — October 16, 2008 @ 9:24 am |Reply

  3. Too much to disagree on…only 19 days left, I cant wait!! It’s like Christmas when I was a kid!

    Comment by Lucas — October 16, 2008 @ 12:00 pm |Reply

  4. If you love Christmas, you’ll love an Obama presidency. It’ll be nothing BUT handouts! And Barack will be both Santa Claus and the Messiah all in one!

    Comment by lindyborer — October 16, 2008 @ 3:29 pm |Reply

  5. Or, he’ll be exactly what the majority of the American citizens (includeing myself) already know…a better man for the job!!

    Comment by Lucas — October 16, 2008 @ 4:06 pm |Reply

  6. Time will tell, I suppose.

    Comment by lindyborer — October 16, 2008 @ 4:13 pm |Reply

  7. By “majority of Americans”, Luke, do you mean the majority including 2nd graders, Disney characters, and the deceased? Or perhaps you refer to the majority of Americans on the cast of Saturday Night Live or in Hollywood–for they are so very smart and qualified to judge lead is in the direction of our future as a country? Or for the entire media system (minus Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News), which is nearly entirely Democratic/Liberal?

    Alas, I wish that were true, for many truly intelligent people have been duped by Obama’s persona and rhetoric. Even I found myself more ‘drawn’ to his smooth rhetoric and lawyer-esque presence during the debate (although not with a thrill up my leg (aka Chris Matthews) but rather with a chill down my spine). But I will tell you one thing is fact: we should not be voting on style points in this election, my friends. The Olympics are over, and his ain’t the floor competition.

    We are voting on issues: #1 being the economy. Not that it is THE most important, but it is definitely the most paramount at this time. And what Obama supporters do not realize, is that Obama’s record does not match nor has it ever lived up to his rhetoric and promise. His voting record has been of big ear-marked government spending and the most liberal, uni-partisan in Congress. Perhaps one thing his rhetoric matches up with, is that he promises to continue that record as President with nearly a proposed 1 trillion in new government spending. And even worse, he will be left unchecked by a Democratic Congress.

    Obama supporters do not realize the danger and economic deflation of income redistribution. “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin”-Reagan. Let me assure you, Obama has read plenty of Marx and Lenin. And Americans, namely Obama supporters, do not understand Marx and Lenin. You do not understand the time-held treasure of America: free enterprise, capitalism, individual liberty, and LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Obama’s record does not align with these American principles.

    Many Americans, including many smart ones, are too short sighted to realize:
    1. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”-Reagan. Every time I see one of those damn “War is Not the Answer” signs I want to change it to: “War is SOMETIMES the ONLY answer”. And mind you, terrorism in the middle East is a direct threat to our freedoms. You would have to be extremely dense to not realize this. Furthermore, “negotiations” and “talk” has proven time and time again to fail with these extremists. Sure, sometimes it works–but it has already failed many times over with the likes of Hussein and Ahmadinejad. They are (were) madmen. Obama gives them way too much credit–to the detriment of our national security. In fact, he give these terrorist harboring leaders SO much credit, they have come out in public support of Obama, including Kim Jhong-Il, Ahmadinejad, and none other than Hamas. I’m sorry, as an American who almost lost an uncle in the WTC bombing, I’m not sure I like that fact that Obama is supported by these madmen. Why do you think they support him? Because they feel Obama will make it easier for them to achieve their agendas (namely, achieve nuclear armament, and in the words of Ahmadinejad: “I must announce that the Zionist regime (Israel), with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene. Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started.” And Obama would like to sit down and have a sane conversation with this guy. Holy #hit.

    3. “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States” -Reagan. And in my own words: why should I work hard to be successful, to prosper, drive to earn money and be productful, inventive and in so doing drive our strong economy and ensure our independence, if only to have the government take most of what I’ve earned away from me? THAT’s NOT America, and that’s EXACTLY Obama’s philosophy on what life should be: in his words “fair”. But that’s NOT fair. It is a recipe for failure for our economy and for our nation. As he told you know who (Joe), he wants to “spread the wealth”. THOSE ARE HIS EXACT WORDS. How is that being fair? Obama is quasi-socialist at best, full blown socialist at worst.

    Furthermore, Obama proposes to raise corporate tax rates, while McCain has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent to make U.S. corporations more competitive. “John McCain believes the taxes we impose on American companies should be no higher than the average rate our major trading partners impose on theirs. We currently have the second-highest combined corporate-tax rate in the industrialized world, and it is driving many businesses and the jobs they create overseas.”–McCain Campaign website.

    Americans are mad. They have been lied to and cheated by unfair lending and business practice. And rightly so. However, among them, Democrats and liberals (aka the media) and even some Independents and Republicans believe that our country has been “dooped” by the ‘stupid’ Republicans. They need someone to blame, and that man is George W. Bush, along with his crony ‘war-mongering’ Republican friends, and the same policies over the last 8 years. Never mind that the war in Iraq was of bi-partisan support. Never mind that our own beloved members of Congress including Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy, etc., etc., all supported the war in Iraq. Never mind that several of our own party denied Senator McCain’s bill to regulate Fannie and Freddie, and ignored that ‘idiot’ Bush’s warning years ago. Millions of people have homes that they haven’t even worked to deserve! Housing prices are sky-rocketing! It’s wonderful! Never mind that Iraq now has been rid of an evil, terrorist harboring and genocidal dictator, and now has a democratic government (and by the way: “Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.” -Reagan). But Americans, especially our young folk, do not hear these messages from the news or from the classroom. Instead, students in Racine, Wisconsin read about “The One” in their public tax-payer funded high school literature textbooks. They hear things like: “Do you know that the war is costing us x billions of dollars every x months?” I would argue: ARE YOU PUTTING A PRICE-TAG ON OUR FREEDOM, SIR? “Do you know how many innocent civilians are losing their lives because of the war?” I would argue: WHAT IF HITLER HAD BEEN LEFT UNCHECKED? WHAT IF HUSSEIN AND HIS TERRORIST REGIME WERE TO BE LEFT UNCHECKED FOR ANOTHER DECADE OF FAILED U.N. SANCTIONS?

    It’s time for all Americans to WAKE UP, to look back in history, and think about what has made America the most extraordinary country on earth. It’s time for Americans to be proud of their country or to get the hell out, instead of buying into the lies from our Hollywood ‘experts’ and liberal media that we are a bunch of “Imperialists”. As former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has stated: “We have gone forth from our shores repeatedly over the last hundred years and we’ve done this as recently as the last year in Afghanistan and put wonderful young men and women at risk, many of whom have lost their lives, and we have asked for nothing except enough ground to bury them in, and otherwise we have returned home to seek our own lives in peace, to live our own lives in peace. But there comes a time when soft power or talking with evil will not work where, unfortunately, hard power is the only thing that works.”

    And finally, it is a time to also re-examine the mistakes of the past. Raising taxes during a recession, as Hoover proposed in ’31 and was enacted in ’32, was what most economists and historians agreed launched us into The Great Depression. I think even the most ignorant of Americans will recognize that trying time of our history, and would remember the lessons learned. (Though SNL had the gall to make fun of such a comparison that I watched only hours ago, and proceeded to make malicious fun of McCain through the entire 30 minute ‘Special’, never once making fun of Obama. Pitiful). Sadly, our leading Presidential candidate is not amongst those who recognize such important history lessons. Instead, he’s got charisma, coolness, saviness, and sadly to some–the color of his skin on his side. On top of all that, he’s not Bush. How about a side order of Socialist fries with your President, dear Obama supporter? Will that, then, satisfy your hunger for a quick fix? That may not be the change you want, but it’s the one you’ll be getting should Obama be elected.

    Comment by JD Hart — October 17, 2008 @ 12:53 am |Reply

  8. I find Obama fascinating. He reminds me of a coral snake. Its very pretty. Its smooth. Its attactive. When you see it, you can’t tell if its venomous or not Sometimes you have to remind yourself that this is a potentially deadly snake. Coral snakes DO bite, and the rhymes people use only for for North America, in other parts of the world, the coral snake has different coloring and differing banding. So as you go around saying the rhymes to remind you if this is a deadly snake or a harmless one, you dont realize the labels dont apply in this case. If you get too close, or you get it riled up, you’re dead!

    Yeah. Obama reminds me of a coral snake. I apologize to all snakes everywhere.

    Comment by wbmoore — October 17, 2008 @ 9:14 am |Reply

  9. Please, take a deep breath! What Americans everywhere, Democrat and Republican, need to do right now is collectively, take a deep breath!! We are, and always will be, a great nation! Regardless of the economy, regardless of other nations views of us, and YES, regardless of who is will be our next president!! Life WILL NOT end the moment the next American President is inaugurated. I am pulling for Obama, however, should McCain be elected, life will not end, I would continue to hold the highest esteem for not only America but also for McCain. I would show him the respect he deserves. Because the majority of Americans voted for him and believe in him! (2nd graders, Disney characters, and the deceased not included) I fear many have lost sight of this, whom ever is elected will need the support of all Americans, regardless of whatever radical thoughts you may have about what is gonna happen. Please remember we were built and based on the idea that we are a free nation and no president, healthcare plan, tax plan, or opposing country will EVER take that away from us… can now exhale!

    Comment by Lucas — October 17, 2008 @ 12:34 pm |Reply

  10. That’s very honorable of you to admit that you would respect McCain is he is elected. (If only all Obama supporters exercised this same courtesy.) But one could hardly expect you to agree with him, as you seem to be suggesting when you say, “[Whomever] is elected will need the support of all Americans.” I will never agree with Obama on most any policy he espouses—especially his radical abortion ideology—because it is morally wrong. The man wants to use my tax dollars to fund abortion. I can’t and won’t support that.

    “We are a free nation and no president, healthcare plan, tax plan, or opposing country will EVER take that away from us…” Oh, yes, they most certainly can. One must continually fight for freedom, and be on guard against anyone who would erode it, by punishing success and calling it “fairness,” by forming alliances with multiple America-haters and known terrorists, by denying infants the right to life, the list goes on.

    We’re not talking about trivial matters, here. The things about which we’re disagreeing are far from insignificant, and that’s why I won’t let up, and take deep breath. I realize you’re trying to be conciliatory, thank you. But these things are just too important to me; I simply cannot stand for it.

    Comment by lindyborer — October 17, 2008 @ 3:58 pm |Reply

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