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October 16, 2008

Documented proof

Filed under: politics — by lindyborer @ 5:11 pm

Here is the proof that Obama did, in fact, vote against the Illinois senate version of BAIPA, even after it was amended to uphold Roe.  Always one to back up my words with fact.  Unlike Obama, apparently.

And no doubt you’ve heard of all those unruly people at McCain/Palin rallies.  Yes, liberals are so polite, as evidenced by the popular “Sarah Palin is a C_ _ _!” tee-shirts.  No, you haven’t heard of this on the evening news, either.  Nevermind those alleged shouts of “Kill him!” cannot be substantiated, even by the Secret Service.  Reality has no place in the mindset of some Obama supporters.


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  1. Just added you to my blog roll. We intelligent, conservative, pro-life moms have to stick together these days! Glad to have found your blog while searching on Elana Sigall’s disturbing essay.

    Comment by Erin — October 16, 2008 @ 6:37 pm |Reply

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