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October 11, 2008

Obama’s extremist associations matter

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

I just ran across a fascinating article over at  If you’ve never visited, you’d be wise to.  What you’ll find is meticulously researched editorials by extremely smart people who actually back up their words with facts.   I’ve been frustrated lately with the fact that Obama–with all his socialist rhetoric and all his socialist friends–seems to want to end America’s great success story by re-creating it according to Communistic principles.  If you only listen closely to the words he says, his intentions become readily apparent.  Notice how often he incites class warfare, talks about “workers,” and uses the word “system” when talking about government.  Actually, when Obama says government, I see him saying it with a capital G.  Government, under an Obama presidency, would be the new god, make no mistake. 

Back to the article I just read:  It was written by Paul Kengor, a professor whose specialty is the Cold War and Communism.  He teaches at Grove City College and lectures all over the country, and has written several books on the subject as well.  He flatly states that in researching for his latest book about the Cold War, he (ironically) came across Marxist characters who mentored and allied with…Barack Obama. 

We cannot expect to hear much about this from the media.  And the painful truth, according to Kengor, is that many Americans—especially those in the 20-35 age range who seem to have a particular liking for Obama–are simply ignorant of history, and of the horrifying nature of Communism.  We have simply been failed by educators, especially those at the college level, who ignore it. 

Kengor writes:

“Of all the lectures that I do around the country, none seem to rivet the audience as much as my discourse on the horrors of communism. In these lectures, which are usually connected to my books on Ronald Reagan, I do a 10-15 minute backgrounder on the crimes of communists-from their militant attacks on private property, on members of all religious faiths, and on basic civil liberties, to their total death toll of over 100 million bloodied, emaciated corpses in the 20th century.”

Students are fascinated, appalled, and want to know more.  Contrast this with the reactions of other professors in the audience:

“As the young people in my audience are fully engaged, hands in the air with question after question — obviously hearing all of these things for the first time in their lives, from K-12 to college, as they are eager to inform me after my talk — the professors often stare at me with contempt. In one case, a British professor, who could not stop sighing, squirming, and rolling her eyes as I quoted the most heinous assessments of religion by Marx and Lenin, got up and stormed out of the room.

These professors glare at me as if the ghost of Joe McCarthy has flown into the room and leapt inside of my body. In fact, that’s the essence of their criticism:  It is not so much that these professors approve of communism as much as they disapprove of — actually, utterly despise — anti-communism. They are anti-anti-communist more so than pro-communist.”

Read more of Kengor’s analysis (my emphasis):

“The leftist intelligentsia that dominates higher education, and which writes the civics texts used in high schools — I’ve read and studied these texts — and which trains the teachers who teach in high schools, is not in the slightest bit notably anti-communist.  These liberals do not teach the lessons of communism.

What’s more, aside from failing to instruct their students in the crass facts about communism’s unprecedented destruction — its purges, mass famines, show trials, killing fields, concentration camps — these educators are negligent in failing to teach the essential, non-emotional, but crucial Econ 101 basics that contrast capitalism and communism and, thus, that get at the heart of how and why command economies simply do not work.  Each semester in my Comparative Politics course at Grove City College, it takes no more than 50 minutes to matter-of-factly lay out the rudimentary differences. Whereas capitalist systems are based on the market forces of supply and demand, which dictate prices and production levels and targets, communist systems are based on central planning, by which a government bureau attempts to manage such things.  Capitalism is based on private ownership; communism on public ownership.  Capitalism thrives on small government and taxes; communism on large government and taxes, typically progressive income-tax rates and estate taxes — both advocated explicitly by Marx — and much more.

This stuff isn’t rocket science. It is easy to teach, if the professor desires. The problem is that it isn’t being taught. Consequently, Americans today do not know why communism is such a devastating ideology, at both the level of plain economic theory and in actual historical practice. It is a remarkably hateful system, based on literal hatred and targeted annihilation of entire classes and groups of people. (Nazism sought genocide based on ethnicity; communism sought genocide based on class.)”

I highly recomment reading the full piece:

People talk about the supposed “rage” being shown at McCain rallies.  If you ignore the negative media portrayal, and listen to the words that these enraged people are saying, it’s rage at the increasingly socialist bent of this country.  These people–including myself–are enraged because we are seeing the great success story of America being flushed down the toilet; we’re hearing nothing but class-warfare rhetoric and socialist-speak from Obama; we’re watching Washington nationalize lending institutions and banks.  We’re watching the America that our founding fathers envisioned eroded to the point of complete destruction.  And we’re surrounded by nincompoops—who either haven’t learned from history or who haven’t been taught it—blindly singing the praises of a man who essentially got into politics to trample on the great vision of our founders and turn us all into “good little workers.”  THAT is why we’re angry.


“What does it all mean for November 2008? It means that millions of modern Americans, when they hear that Barack Obama has deep roots with communist radicals like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, don’t care; they don’t get it.  Moreover, the leftist establishment — from academia to media to Hollywood — will not help them get it.  To the contrary, the left responds to these accusations by not only downplaying or dismissing them but by ridiculing or even vilifying them, given the left’s reflexive anti-anti-communism.  The left will create bad guys out of the anti-communists who are legitimately blowing the whistle on the real bad guys.

Moderates especially need to be informed that Barack Obama is not your typical liberal:  he is the most hard-left Democrat that his party has ever nominated for the presidency.  It is absolutely not a coincidence that the man with these far-left associations just so happens to be ranked — quantifiably, objectively, by non-partisan, respected sources like National Journal –– the most far-left member of the U.S. Senate, which is no small thing given the leftward drift of the modern Democratic Party.  In other words, Obama’s extremist associations matter; they are fully revealing, illustrative of the political-ideological realities that the pro-Obama media will not expose. His voting record bears this out.”



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  1. You are absolutely correct. The biggest triumph for the communists has been to erase the word COMMUNIST from the american vocabulary. People think you are an extremist if you believe that a communist could be the next president. I am fortunate that I can identify the situation because I am from Nicaragua. I have lived in the United States for 26 years and am now 33 years old. My family left their home on the last air plane to leave the country before it was closed-off. None of my friends would have a clue what communism is if it weren’t for what i’ve described to them. I am surprised that anyone who has gone thru the school system here can have any opinion other than that this country is at fault for all the wrongs in the world.

    Comment by alberto lopez — October 17, 2008 @ 4:18 pm |Reply

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