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October 10, 2008

A smorgasbord

It’s been quite a week.  I really don’t know what to cover first.  So I thought, what the hey, I’ll put together a delightful collection of delectable morsels for the weekend, that you may pick and choose according to your particular taste.  Voter fraud appetize your palate?  We’ve got some of that.  You might find some ACORN slop to your liking.  Communist and/or socialist bent?  How about some RED-velvet cake?  There’s plenty to go around, just see who endorses the Democratic party.  In the mood for some PORK?  Check out the savory bits in the Emergency Economic Stability Act–going to ACORN.  Go ahead and glut yourself all you like—but take warning:  You just might end up with indigestion. 

Item One:  Dee made a brilliant point in her recent comment:  Even if Obama is publicly denouncing all of his “former” pals, (like Ayers, Farrakhan, Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, etc…) WHY DO THEY ALL LIKE OBAMA SO MUCH?  Do you realize that the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is actively rooting for an Obama presidency?  Does that not scare the pants off anyone else?  How do you honestly think Putin feels about this election?  Just a hunch, but I would argue that the thought of a McCain presidency (who would “rather win a war than a campaign”) makes Putin tremble.  Obama, after all, would just meet with these leaders without preconditions.     

And, regarding Obama’s blazingly apparent socialist political agenda, it’s interesting to note that the US Communist Party has officially endorsed him.  That’s right.  The Commies are actively rooting for an Obama presidency as well:

***Sidenote:  America is a truly awesome country, unique among nations.  We have the freedom in this country to stand on the corner PREACHING COMMUNISM.  Sense the irony? 

Item two:  ACORN, or Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  Voter registration fraud.  It is being investigated all over the place.  In Nevada, the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys was registered to vote, including Tony Romo and Terrell Owens  (   

“But it’s not the first time ACORN’s been under investigation for registration irregularities. The raid is the latest of at least nine investigations into possible fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by ACORN — the probes have involved ACORN workers in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana and other states.

In response to the Las Vegas raid, Republican Nevada Sen. John Ensign and seven other senators penned a letter to the Federal Housing Finance Agency calling for the suspension of taxpayer dollars to ‘controversial groups like ACORN.’ The letter referred to contributions that potentially could come from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.   

In 2006, ACORN also committed what Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed called the ‘worse case of election fraud’ in the state’s history. 

In the case, ACORN submitted just over 1,800 new voter registration forms, and all but six of the 1,800 names were fake.”

More on this, and Obama’s ties to ACORN (

“To date, ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 15 states this election cycle.

Obama has close ties to the organization. Before becoming a member of the Illinois State Senate, Obama represented ACORN in a lawsuit to help push for ‘Motor Voter’ laws to make it easier for low-income persons to vote.

Later, as director of the Woods Fund and Chairman of the Board of Chicago Annenberg Challenge Obama helped steer funds to ACORN through various grants.

Obama sought ACORN’s endorsement in the Democratic primary telling ACORN members, ‘Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.’

‘Project Vote’ is the name ACORN’s voter registration drives are called. Obama worked for Project Vote for a period of roughly seven months in 1992.

ACORN endorsed Obama for president in February 2008.”

Need more?  We’ve got an unending supply.  Check out this exchange on CNN’s “Election Center” between Campbell Brown and Drew Griffin, CNN’s Special Investigation’s unit:

More about ACORN, from Burt Prelutsky (view full article here, 

“To give you some idea how all-encompassing the group is, they have schools where the children of leftists are trained in class-consciousness; they run boot camps for training street activists; and, like Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, they extort money from banks and other businesses by threatening racial violence and trumped-up civil rights charges. One can almost imagine Marx, Lenin and Stalin, shaking their heads in admiration and hoisting their glasses in toast…”

“…It’s no surprise that Barack Obama is ACORN’s choice for the White House. ACORN, after all, was created by those who subscribed to Saul Alinsky’s left-wing belief that class warfare is the only war worth fighting and that in order to win it, the ends always justify the means. And however much the left has recently attempted to pass off ‘community organizer’ as a Christ-like vocation, everyone in his right mind knows that these days it’s code for Communist activist.”

Indeed.  But, as we have learned, (especially if you’ve been taking careful note of Barack Obama’s “interesting” choice of mentors and friends), this is not at all surprising.  Research the “New Party,” a now-defunct socialist political party in the US, and you’ll discover that Obama was once a member.

Thomas Lifson, of American Thinker (

“Barack Obama entered electoral politics as a member of a radical marxist group aimed at gaining control of the Democratic Party in order to implement a hardline version of socialism in America. He signed a contract promising to maintain a visible relationship.”

Have you had your fill?  I certainly have.  But be thankful; for now, this was a voluntary meal.  If Obama is elected, we’ll have to endure four years of this type of menu, and it will be force-fed.

As if we needed even more proof about who is completely responsible for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle, Saturday Night Live–not exactly what you’d call “politically neutral”–did a skit about it.  As John Hawkins so clearly points out  (

“No, the biggest problem with the bailout is actually that Democrats in Congress, Barack Obama included, are refusing to acknowledge the root cause of the bailout, even though it’s so obvious that they’re doing skits about it on Saturday Night Live.”

Have a great weekend, everyone.  And I’ll leave you with a quote from a fellow freedom-lover and true patriot, Ronald Reagan:

“It’s time we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the Founding Fathers.  James Madison said, ‘We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.’  This idea that government was beholden to the people, that it had no other source of power, is still the newest, most unique idea in all the long history of man’s relation to man.  This is the issue of this election:  Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.” —Ronald Reagan (27 October 1964)




  1. Pass the Rolaids!

    Comment by dsgawrsh — October 10, 2008 @ 8:49 pm |Reply

  2. Great points. Forget the Rolaids, pass the Prevacid.

    I think we should quit calling them his ‘friends’. They are much worse. How about political alliances, business partners, and political supporters? For I have many friends who I disagree with. He doesn’t just “pal around” with these people. The McCain campaign should do better an their accusations.

    Comment by JD Hart — October 11, 2008 @ 12:28 am |Reply

  3. better yet…just sever my vagus nerve…

    Comment by Dee — October 11, 2008 @ 9:17 am |Reply

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