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October 6, 2008

An American Carol…right in my own hometown

Happy Birthday, Dad!  56 years young.

We had a fun but busy weekend.  The kids and I attended my hometown’s Fall Festival on Saturday, and Eliza experience her first parade.  She was timid at first, not knowing WHY these firetrucks kept going by intermittently honking and buzzing their sirens, but once she realized that waving back at the friendly people seemed to get these same people to come over and hand her candy, she warmed up pretty quickly.  Linus, of course, is an old hand at this, and the sugar buzz hit both of them at the same time and with the same intensity.  The three of us went to mass after the parade (David being at home harvesting), and I emerged an hour later feeling like I had been at a wrestling match.

Sidenote:  I think the only reason anyone would go to a parade is if a) they’re in it or b) have small children.  I cannot imagine David and I going to a parade without the kids.

Sidenote 2:  Linus shook Adrian Smith’s hand, and I flashed him my brightest smile and told him, “Thanks for voting no on the bailout.”  (for those who might be wondering who Adrian Smith is, he is our House Representative in Congress.)      

We were able to see family that was back in town that we don’t get to see often, so that was great.  On Sunday, I attended a bridal shower for a high school classmate.  It’s strange and nice to see the girls and catch up–I stayed too long, but could’ve stayed longer.  Strange because nearly ten years have passed since graduation, but we could just pick up right where we left off!  And really, girls, it’s really impossible that we’ve aged 9 years—you all look fantastic.  With it, going places, doing things…awesome.  Here is a picture of those of us who could make it to the shower:

Friday night, Dad and I went to An American Carol.  I recommend this movie.  It was highly entertaining.  I laughed a lot.  I’m going again with David.  I feel vindicated, in a way, from all that Michael Moore tripe.  Somewhat of a spoiler, but Michael “Malone” is the Scrooge character, and he is led through various time periods in US history by General George S. Patton (Kelsey Grammar), George Washington (Jon Voight), and various others, including Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielson, and more.  Among my favorite scenes:  They visit a typical four year university lecture hall, where the America-bashing, pot-smoking professors suddenly break into a very YMCA-ish song and dance, while the indoctrinated students nod in time.  (“Just like it’s 1968, ’68!”)  Also, a scene where Neville Chamberlain, after ceding various countries to Hitler, spit-polishes Hitler’s boots as he and his associates, who can barely contain their glee, sing their rendition of “Kum-bah-yah.”   The movie really is great fun at the expense of liberals.  It is very slap-stick, so don’t go expecting a serious film.  But, while all in great fun, you keep thinking to yourself, “That’s so right-on!” 

Seriously, it has taken me about five trips to the computer today to write this post.  I’ve gotten interrupted quite a bit.  A lot of people who have blogs sometimes express their dismay at not keeping up with it frequently enough.  That isn’t my problem.  I could write all the time–at my family’s detriment!  I think I’ll try to step back a bit, perhaps every other day.  Or get up really early in the morning.


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