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September 22, 2008

Sweet nothings (in my aching ear)

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The past few days have been busy.  I’m glad it’s Monday.  For those of us in stay-at-home land, this means less running.  

It rained during the night.  Complete with thunder and lightning.  I slept with the window open.  I couldn’t bring myself to close it, even though I know that lightning can strike through open windows.  I’m sure Ian will lecture me for it, so save your reprimands, Mom.

I’m so excited:  We might have a visitor next Sunday.  Jon might be driving up to Elgin to see the kids, and even though his stay will be short, it doesn’t happen very often.  He called me on his way to work at the hospital.  He is on call all night tonight, and though dreading it, he says his consolation is that he hooked up his Xbox in the call room, so he can play that when he’s not busy.  Does this inspire confidence in our doctors?  “Let me call in the radiologist.  He’s playing Nightfire in the other room.”  (Just kidding, Jon.)

And it seems that my body has regressed back to that of a two year old, as I’ve been having earaches.  What the?!?!?!  It got so uncomfortable that I stayed home last night, rather than go with David and the kids over to the Spiekers for pizza and good company with L and J and Marv and Helen.  Next week I’ll probably have to get tubes in my ears.  (Although, the absolute SILENCE I experienced at home alone did probably more for me than morphine.  It was wonderful.) 

I am full of nothing today, I realize that.  My utmost apologies.  I’m breaking the first rule of blogging:  don’t blog if you haven’t something to say.  I suppose I’m just delaying the mountain of laundry that needs my attention. 

I’m going to continue with The Female Problem soon.  I’m trying to track down something I recall reading that I want to add, and I haven’t been successful.  Please stay tuned.


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  1. Lindy: I’ve finally got a break. I’ve been reading a deluge of CTs, ultrasounds, MRI’s and plain films for 18 straight hours now (minus the sacred 1 hour lunch and transfer drive from outpatient center to hospital). It’s 0100 hours, and I’ve finally emptied the list, momentarily. Radiology is a nonstop machine. I think there’s more people here in the ER at 0100 than at 1300.

    For now it’s Fox News and Xbox time–but I will be bothered at least once an hour by the ER until 0730, when I get to dictate all of my studies from the night (in zombie mode) and then go moonlight until 3 pm tomorrow. At least Xbox keeps me awake and alert! 🙂 It’s no wonder I’m losing my hair.

    Can’t wait for some peace and quiet on the farm, even if only for a short while! (after some Husker football!) Woo hoo!

    Comment by Jon Hart — September 23, 2008 @ 1:09 am |Reply

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