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September 8, 2008

What’s in a blog?

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Another Monday has come and is already nearly gone.  And I’m making the valiant attempt to make some dents in the to-do list on my counter, as always. 

As I go about my tasks today, a few pesky thoughts keep running through my head. 

1) What purpose, if any, does this blog serve? 

2) What is the central role of the government in our country?

3) Why are some people so happy, and some people so angry? 

I do believe that I’ll investigate the second two questions in subsequent posts.  As for the first, I think I have been able to come to a satisfactory conclusion, which is quite selfish.  I blog for me, for fun.  It is a type of hobby.  I don’t paint, craft, scrapbook, sew, embroider, or cook (not for fun, at least.) No, I don’t do those things, but I do enjoy writing and communicating with people.  I can do it from the comfort of my laptop, while the kids are in bed or sleeping.  And, though not identical to journaling, the computer nevertheless serves as a venue for my thoughts, and I love to hear back from others.  It’s a way to keep in touch, as well as to bounce my ideas off of people and get their own in return. 

That said, this blog makes no claims to objectivity.  Therefore, anything I write will reflect my deepest beliefs and perceptions about the events both in my own personal life and the events that go on around the country and world.  What is that perspective?  It’s mainly a conservative and Catholic worldview.  As such, I think that I should be up front about these things, to save people from the stress of reading a blog that then requires them half a bottle of Pepto-Bismol from which to recover.  

So what am I saying here?  There are any number of places to go on the internet for opinions.  If your opinion differs that greatly from mine, perhaps your interests would be better served elsewhere.  What?  Is she saying not to read her blog?  No!  Absolutely not!  I’m only saying this for purely unselfish reasons.  To conserve vast reserves of Pepto-Bismol.  Like I’ve said, what a boring place this world would be if we all thought alike. 

So, thank you for putting up with me, and coming back for more.  I am humbled.



  1. Lindy,

    Two blogs I really enjoy: & Rachel at Testosterhome would be happy to chat with you about blog philosophy/management, etc.

    Comment by Fr. Dan Andrews — September 9, 2008 @ 9:39 am |Reply

  2. Lindy,

    Been hearing buzz about your blog, so it must be serving a purpose. Your writing is eloquent and provocative. I can enjoy your humbleness and wit even if we might not agree entirely on politics….. my, you are as left as the pendulum can swing sometimes. Appreciate your comment about how boring the world would be if we all thought alike. Perhaps the diversity is all in God’s plan.

    I agree entirely that abortion is the holocaust of our times. We must never relent on working toward a culture of life.

    World policies that oppress millions of poor and impoverished people is also a terrible horror.

    Keep up your blog!

    Anne Meis

    Comment by Anne — September 19, 2008 @ 9:12 pm |Reply

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