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September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin knocks it out of the park

I sat down last night to watch the RNC, eagerly awaiting Gov. Palin’s address.  I was able to hear Rudy Giuliani’s rousing and spunky speech, and a feeling of grim satisfaction crept over me. I hope you all had the opportunity to hear it.  He was taking no prisoners.  Here are some of the highlights:

“This is not a time for on-the-job training.”

Our opponents want to reframe the premises of the election and make it a false choice between change vs. more of the same: “Change is not a destination as hope is not a strategy.”

My grim satisfaction turned into a feeling of vindication and anticipation.  I cannot really express how good it felt to hear Republicans and conservatives defended, their accomplishments lauded, and their actions justified to the nation, when it’s usually derision and unfairness from nearly every mainstream media source in existence.  A breath of fresh air, to use the cliche.  (As it was hilarious to hear the crowd chant, “NBC! NBC!” when this was hinted.)











But as for spunk and fresh air, nothing could have compared with Sarah Palin’s speech.  I have to admit, I was nervous as she took the stage, but the moment she began, all of my small doubts in her ability to lead were instantly erased. 

Jon, you beat me to it in your comment in my last post.  You’re right in your asessment.  Completely genuine.  She didn’t sound rehearsed.  She sounded sure of herself, confident, and downright endearing.  This woman is no pushover.  She’s not afraid (as her record shows) of saying what’s on her mind and standing up for herself and her family.  I like these qualities in a leader.  Barack Obama isn’t half the man Sarah Palin is.  I heard more specifics in her one speech than I heard in a week of speeches at the DNC.  I, too, would much rather have Palin in the Oval Office than BHO.

As I listened to her, my feelings of vindication grew into those of jubilation.  She wasn’t just appealing to me emotionally, (which is, after all, only secondary.)  Here was a candidate who was appealing to my head as well as my heart.  What she said just made sense.  She revealed herself as she talked about her record in Alaska, one of fiscal responsiblity and reform.  She didn’t mess around there.  She was elected Governor, and immediately sold the Governor’s private jet on Ebay.  She cut all the unnecessary spending and gave it back to the people of Alaska.  She could have cut any number of extraneous expenses, but I think it speaks volumers that she cut the ones that had a direct connection to her first. 

The myriad reasons why Sarah Palin was a masterful choice by John McCain keep manifesting with each passing moment.  And I just have to say, Palin wasn’t just chosen to “appease the conservative base.”  She is the total package.  I hazard to guess that she is appealing to more than just conservatives.  Even if they don’t want to admit it, many are taking a serious look at Gov. Palin, and of course, she is making John McCain look really good. 

Here are some excerpts from her speech.  Talk about spunk!

“A small town mayor is kind of like a community organizer except a mayor has actual responsibilites.”  Ouch.

“I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion.  I’m going to Washington to serve this great country.”

Of John McCain: “Some politicians use change to promote their careers.  Others, like John McCain, use their careers to promote change.”

Which calls to mind something else that struck me as I watched.  At the DNC, no one had anything concrete to say about Obama.   Nothing of any actual substance whatsoever.  After all, there isn’t any legislation or heroism to mention.  He is a prime example of a “career politician”.  On the other hand, everyone had some sort of specific story to relate about McCain, esp. of his time in service to this country.  I don’t care what critics say, McCain has every reason to be where he is right now.  Of McCain, I don’t feel like he’s here just to put his name in the history books.  As McCain said, “I’d rather lose an election than a war.”  I don’t feel that he set out to reach an ultimate goal of the presidency.  And I can’t help but feel that Obama has.

But back to Palin.  I can think of no better example right now of a non-establishment candidate than Sarah Palin.  And this is one of her greatest attributes, the one that speaks the most and the one which will attract more voters. 

As an aside, I cannot express enough how excited I am.  You all can laugh, but Sarah Palin is my hero.  For all the reasons I have stated in my previous posts, and for the fact that she is so relatable to me, and that she is conservative.  There have been times that I have felt out of place in this world for my convictions and my actions, but when I look at Palin I can see true possibility.  She proves that as a woman, you can do it all.  To see her up on that stage after her speech, with her normal family, and to see her hold and nuzzle her baby…well, words are not enough.












*For all the Lefty Lactivists out there, see the Too Good page.  Conservative women can breastfeed, too.



  1. She does what Hilary and others have tried but failed to do – demonstrate equal female competence with connectiveness.

    Comment by Brandon — September 4, 2008 @ 8:46 am |Reply

  2. She is a great choice. She gives McCain the Wow factor he needed, and he has the self-confidence not to be threatened by a strong woman.

    Comment by bellalu0 — September 4, 2008 @ 11:44 pm |Reply

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