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September 2, 2008

Par for the course…

Good Tuesday to everyone.  Monday holidays make for a shorter work week, but they still mess me up for a few days.  The weekend holiday was enjoyable, but let’s get back to business, shall we?

Governor Palin’s daughter is five months pregnant.  She is choosing to have the baby and wed the father.  Unfortunate situation for the family and for her, but she is handling her actions admirably and responsibly.  Since this is a private issue and has no bearing on the election, you won’t hear her discussed any more here.

No doubt that the left will proceed to denigrate both Palin and her daughter.  How this has any bearing on Gov. Palin’s ability to lead is beyond me.  And it is, after all, a private matter.  But never underestimate the far left to continue their gutter-level smears against this poor 17 year old girl.  I’m relatively new to the blogging world, but it never ceases to amaze me the absolute hatred and vitriol with which the left-wing bloggers attack anyone who is not liberal.  (How judgemental of them!)  It is also interesting how I have never seen any actual issues discussed on these sites, either.  It is limited to hateful and profane attacks based on little more than rumor and hearsay.

I would like to point out that at, your intelligence will never be insulted by such below-the-belt attacks and rumor-mongering.  I tend to report on happenings that are substantiated by facts by reputable sources, and limit my use of foul language and vicious attacks upon those who might happen to have a different opinion than myself.  The opinions I do express are respectful in tone, and I tend to cite my sources as well.  I also enjoy debating actual issues in the realm of fact.  If that is your type of debate, please stay, and I invite your thoughts with goodwill.  That’s the way I play.  

That being made clear, I will not publish comments that are profane and hateful.  And I ask that anyone who comments would have the courtesy of citing themselves when necessary and being respectful and considerate.  I don’t sink to the level of sites like the Daily Kos.  

Hurricane Gustav made landfall yesterday morning with minimal injuries and deaths, much to the disappointment of the far left.  The RNC made the respectful decision to limit the celebratory nature of the first day, and in turn held a makeshift humanitarian drive for Gustav’s victims.  A smart and considerate move.

I look forward to witnessing the events that are unwrapping as the election looms closer.  Like I have stated before, it will be a sad display to watch the left make all sorts of hyprocritical statements regarding Gov. Palin and her daughter’s situation.  But, as my dad is fond of saying, “Par for the course.”  After all, when dealing with liberals, facts and issues matter little.      




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