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August 30, 2008

More on Gov. Palin: One tough mama

Hot post! Hot post! 

Yes, my blog is rockin right now, and it’s all due to excitement about Gov. Palin’s VP nomination.  She is resonating, people.  From looking around, she is resonating esp. on the part of Mommies. (Who happen to comprise a good portion of voters, I might add.) 

Here she is: doing it all.  Apparently quite well.  Not only has she done a great job governing her state of Alaska, she’s doing a wonderful job as a mother at the same time.  No, she is not “abandoning” her child; on the contrary, she brings him along with her to work.  Is this not the dream of many mothers?  For all you earth mamas out there, here is a picture of Gov. Palin with her slingling:

Heartwarming, is it not?  Right there, I can identify with her.  I’ve been everywhere with my baby in a sling.  What a great example to all moms.  (Nice sling, by the way. She’s stylish, too.)

Could we be seeing the greatest new example of true Feminism in America in Gov. Palin?  No pantsuits here.  She’s smart, capable, dedicated, driven.  This is a woman who knows what is important.  As I stated in my last post, I truly think that mothers know  what true challenges are, and they know how to face those challenges.  Anyone who has ever dealt with the task of rearing children must develop resiliency and toughness, and I humbly argue that those qualities would serve any politician well. 

As for her purported “lack of experience”?  Compared with whom?  Obama?  She’s running a state right now.  Obama’s been in the IL senate for how long?  And how much of that time has he spent chasing the Presidency?  Leaves little time for actual experience.  I’m no political mastermind, but it doesn’t take one to realize that the whole “lack of experience” argument is not going do any damage here in reference to Gov. Palin. 

In fact, isn’t the fact that Gov. Palin is a fresh new face, from Alaska (arguably one of the farthest places from Washington) one of her strongest attributes?  Hasn’t the Obama campaign been calling for change and a shift away from “politics as usual”?  And he picks Biden– an old white guy and a 36 year veteran in Washington?  Hmm.  (Not that I have anything against old white guys, you understand.)

No, the more I digest this move by Senator McCain, the better I like it.  Now, just like the editor of Newsweek suggested that if Obama isn’t elected president it “proves America is racist,” then America is sexist if McCain/Palin aren’t elected.  Of course, this is a stupid argument, and no Republican would ever make such an asinine comment.  (I just threw it in as an example, here.  Americans are not racist if Obama isn’t elected.  They just find him unqualified or disagree with his policies, whatever those are.)  What I’m arguing is that this throws a little wrench into the Left’s habit of making these sorts of silly arguments. 

Reference the Too Good page for an excellent article on how to counter the coming attacks on Gov. Palin, courtesty of American Thinker. 

To quote Rush:  Babies!  Guns!  Jesus!  Hot damn!




  1. I think Sarah Brings a good choice to the ticket.

    She also takes the womens issues away from the Democrat party.

    They had a viable woman and threw her under the bus.

    The McCain/Palin ticket has my vote.

    Comment by tommy49646 — August 30, 2008 @ 8:57 am |Reply

  2. We are ready for change and Governor Palin is going to shake up Washington on both sides of the isle!

    Comment by Jim Johnson — August 31, 2008 @ 4:16 pm |Reply

  3. […] disabled” Down Syndrome Baby that should have been aborted) whom Palin seems to have taken to the office and breastfed is not Palin’s son but her grandson. One of her daughters, you see, is the […]

    Pingback by Sew the Scarlet A for Sarah Palin! | The Anchoress — September 1, 2008 @ 12:03 am |Reply

  4. I’m completely thrilled with John McCain’s choice of Sarah….:) I am believing this bring together the conservative base and that we’ll be able to elect them in November. But there’s a lot of work ahead.

    The bile & venom which is being spewed forth from many leftist/socialist sources is reprehensible. I’ve heard it said that liberalism is a mental disorder, and……you know? I think I’m beginning to believe this is true.

    Comment by Maura — September 1, 2008 @ 12:31 am |Reply

  5. She just announced that her daughter is pregnant. I’m thinking she should take care of home. Her own. When minority girls get pregnant everyone is very quick to say the parents were not “there enough.” This will be even more true for her three girls.


    Comment by That Girl — September 1, 2008 @ 12:20 pm |Reply

  6. I, too, am for the VP choice of Sarah Palin ….the fact that she has a daughter that is pregnant in no way disqualifies Sarah Palin from the VP spot… may help her … as the public sees that she can and does “walk the walk”… all parents realize that there comes a time when the child becomes an adult and makes their own decisions…..and has to live with those decisions.

    Leave it to the “left” to use this situation to judge the parents…… yet let “slick Willys” shenanigans fall under the guise of “thats his personal life”.

    Comment by trish — September 1, 2008 @ 10:54 pm |Reply

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