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August 29, 2008

It’s a great day.

I can’t deny it.  I’m excited about Sarah Palin.  For those living under a rock, McCain has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his VP nominee.  She’s a fiscal conservative, outdoorsman, mother of five, pro-life, small government, NRA member.  And the fact that McCain nominated her is completely throwing the left and the MSM (is there a difference?) off their game in a way that is both humorous and disturbing.

It’s humorous because McCain has blown Obama’s address off the front pages today.  At this point, people are going, “What speech?”  It’s disturbing because the Democrats–the self-designated party for minorities, women, the poor, underprivileged–should be happy that a woman (though not the first) is up to be second-in-command, and they’re…not.  (Could it be that they are only interested in advancing the cause of liberalism, and not women at all?) 

I’m glad though, that McCain nominated a true Conservative.  This will help him immensely.  I shudder to think of my feelings and other Republicans’ feelings should he have chosen someone like Joe Lieberman. 

Of course, the Left will come back swinging, and Sarah Palin will have to have thick skin, as she is about to be attacked mercilessly and unfairly. I’m already seeing this as I do a little “research” online.  For example, I read on the Liberal website Daily Kos:  “I find it rather troubling that Sarah Palin would walk away from a four month child with Down Syndrome to chase her political ambitions.”        

What?  According to the Left, I thought women were supposed to be able to do anything and everything, including working while simultaneously being a mother?   Suddenly, the Left thinks she should have stayed at home?  Interesting. 

Also interesting:  Her youngest child, a four month old baby boy named Trig, was born with Down’s Syndrome.  I can’t help but wonder if some liberals feel that Trig should have been aborted.  Don’t think I’m trying to be outrageous here.  I’m absolutely not.  This idea has been professed numerous times by those in the pro-abortion/liberal camp.  Gov. Palin and her husband knew four months into the pregnancy of the diagnosis.  But unlike many, they made the decision to carry him to term.  Gov. Palin said this of her baby:  “We understand that every innocent life has wonderful potential.”  Wow.  What a great testimony of her strength and principles. 

You cynics will likely scoff at me for this one, but another reason I already feel admiration for her is because she is a breastfeeding mother.  As you moms know, breastfeeding a baby is not easy.  (At least, not initially.)  To do so requires a level of dedication that is daunting, to say the least.  To breastfeed as a stay at home mom is hard.  To breastfeed a baby and work is harder still.  To breastfeed a baby with Down’s Syndrome requires a breastfeeding mother to go to fantastic lengths, because babies with Down’s have a hard time with it at first due to low muscle tone.  So, I say, to breastfeed a baby with Down’s Syndrome and run for Vice President of the United States is quite a task, and my judgement of just what Sarah Palin is made of has soared.  In my estimation, a mother of five knows how to handle difficulties and work through them, and that type of experience is nothing to diminish. 

As for “abandoning him to pursue her political ambitions”?  Palin has stated that she takes him to work with her, just like she did with her next oldest, Piper.  That’s awesome.  Just imagine it: Vice President Palin walking into a meeting at the White House with her nursling in tow.

I can’t wait to watch this develop.  It’s going to be fun to witness the media and the Left step in it, as they try to destroy her without sounding hypocritical.  I love politics.



  1. mc cain has played the gender card from the bottom of the deck

    Comment by jim — August 29, 2008 @ 5:00 pm |Reply

  2. It’s called pro-choice, not pro-abortion. I don’t know anyone that is pro-abortion. And just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean that they think people should abort fetuses that have down’s syndrome.

    That is just as ridiculous as saying that anyone who is a member of the National Rifle Association (as Sarah Palin is) is a murderer.

    Comment by phdinparenting — August 29, 2008 @ 10:15 pm |Reply

  3. Amen. And seeing photos of her talking to the press with wee Trig in a sling just warmed my heart. I love seeing a prolifer that puts her money where her mouth is.

    Comment by Tamara — August 29, 2008 @ 11:49 pm |Reply

  4. To “PHD”inparenting:

    Poor analogy. Being a member of the NRA or owning a gun has nothing to do with murder. Murder is not in the equation. For instance, I own a shotgun. A gift from my father. We shoot clay pigeons on occasion. But b/c I own that gun, I do not have the legal right to terminate someone’s life with it.

    Being “Pro-Choice” means you feel it is a woman’s Constitutional right to terminate/murder a child. It is “her choice” to abortion/ murder. Legalized murder. Of a child.

    The better analogy would be the Pro-Choice equivalent applied to the NRA/Gun Ownership: i.e. if Pro-NRA or Pro-Gun also meant that it was an individuals right to terminate another person’s life with said gun. After all, it is his/her choice, right?

    Get it?

    Good comment’s, Lindy.

    Comment by Jon Hart — August 31, 2008 @ 9:31 am |Reply

  5. To Jon Hart:

    You said: “But b/c I own that gun, I do not have the legal right to terminate someone’s life with it.”

    Well you do if it is in self-defence…oh, I get it, maybe people that are pro-gun and pro-life think that all women should bear arms to shoot men that might try to rape them or take advantage of them. If there weren’t other reasons why that is a bad idea (e.g. the gun being turned on the woman by her attacker, the woman’s child getting ahold of the gun, etc.) then maybe that would be a solution to PART of the problem.

    Comment by phdinparenting — September 2, 2008 @ 9:31 am |Reply

  6. phdinparenting: I apologize for misreading your statement about the NRA, never did you in your original comment state outright that gun-ownership/NRA membership is equivalent to being ‘pro-murder’.

    However, I maintain my previous sentiment: Pro-Choice=Pro-Abortion. That’s my opinion. I feel like pro-choice is everyone’s way of ignoring the reality of abortion.

    And by the way, I’m not an NRA member or gun crazy. You are right, I did not mention in my previous entry that I absolutely would have the right to use my gun to take someone’s life in defense of myself or my family (I just didn’t feel the need to make my entry longer than it already was). As would any woman who chose to exercise her right to carry a gun safely in a holster. Such as the woman from Alaska who was recently on National Geographic, who was attacked and nearly killed by a bear walking home from her friends’ house, and now wears a gun to protect herself. The point of the matter, is that we have the FREEDOM to choose. It is your freedom to choose NOT to own or carry a gun, and that’s just fine. But the government shouldn’t decide.

    There’s an book by John Lott, Jr. titled, “More Guns, Less Crime”, in which he concludes: more guns equals less crime.

    “Lott’s pro-gun argument has to be examined on the merits, and its chief merit is lots of data. . . . If you still disagree with Lott, at least you will know what will be required to rebut a case that looks pretty near bulletproof.”—Peter Coy, Business Week

    “A compelling book with enough hard evidence that even politicians may have to stop and pay attention. More Guns, Less Crime is an exhaustive analysis of the effect of gun possession on crime rates.”—James Bovard, Wall Street Journal

    Comment by Jon Hart — September 2, 2008 @ 4:11 pm |Reply

  7. I love this post!! I believe in pro-choice/life. Women have the right to choose whether to get PREGNANT or not. However, they do not have the right to take a life! Can you imagine in the millions of abortions performed how many Einsteins, Billy Grahams, Tiger Williams have been terminated? I look into the faces of my grandchildren and I cry for those grandparents who will never see the beauty of that aborted baby’s face or touch their precious fingers. Please make the choice not to become pregnant versus taking the life of such a beautiful thing as a gift from God, a baby. Way to go Sarah!!!!!

    Comment by Cabot424 — September 5, 2008 @ 8:06 am |Reply

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