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August 29, 2008

Depend on it…

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No, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech last night.  I was playing Bunco and having a few adult beverages.  But I did read the transcript this morning.  Smooth, oh so smooth.  Obama supporters were probably in the throes of political ecstasy during it.  It is said that Oprah cried her eyelashes off.  That is all quite wonderful. 

But you probably already know what I’m going to say already about the address.  For those of you who might be reading me for the first time, it goes a little something…like this:

Everything he said sounds good.  But there’s the problem of implementation and a little thing called “reality.” I fail to see how anyone on Planet Earth could possibly achieve what he sets forth to do, let alone someone with next to no experience.  Furthermore, THE MEANS TO THE END are kind of important (to me, at least.)  For example, if he wants to lessen unwanted pregnancies by promoting condoms to second graders and increasing abortion rights, I object.  If he wants to improve health care by nationalizing it, I object.  If he wants to keep AK-47s out of the hands of criminals by sacrificing our second amendment rights, I object.  (Am I way off-base to suggest that no law will prevent a criminal from getting any sort of weapon he wants?  Esp. when there already ARE laws against this?) The litany could go on indefinitely.  Depend on it: If a liberal wants make improvements in any area, this means expensive government programs that will only add to the entitlement mentality that already plagues some sectors of our fine nation, and increase taxes along the way.  Obama spewed forth the same socialist agenda of which we’re all weary.  Nothing unifying.   

Truthfully, I found his speech to be so utterly full of spin and half-truths, that I nearly threw up the waffle I had for breakfast.  I suppose I can’t sugarcoat it any more than that.  Sorry.

Breaking news:  McCain has announced his VP pick:  Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.  Conservative, young, mother of five with more experience than Obama himself.  McCain:  Awesome pick.  A true conservative.   It looks like Republicans have room for women, Hillary supporters.  More later…must work.


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