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August 28, 2008

Okay, which is it?

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’ve so far been silent about the DNC stuff going on this week.  Surely, this silence is uncharacteristic of her!  Well, if there were actually anything to report, I’d comply.  However, from what I’ve seen from TV coverage, the DNC speakers have not said anything that would compel me to consider their position.  It’s basically been a comical, phony and sometimes downright awkward lovefest between Clinton’s people and Obama’s people.  Hillary Clinton feels she should have been the one accepting the nomination, and she’s going to let everyone subtly know it.  Her perma-smile is one micro-flinch away from a toothy sneer.  David says it’s a therapy session, with talk of feelings and hopes, but nothing concrete upon which to base these feelings.  For example, what actual policies do they plan on implementing to bring us out of this “dark period” in our history?  To voters, (at least the ones I know), these are the things that matter most.  But the endless emotional rhetoric about hope and change is swiftly becoming vapid.  We need some specifics here.  Perhaps Obama’s grand, Parthenon-inspired address tonight will finally bring us some clarity on his actual positions. So far, he has succeeded with ambiguity, but due to his rapidly falling poll numbers, the Obama campaign had better begin to deliver some tangible positions and policies before the American undecideds throw up their hands in exasperation and write him off completely. 

One thing that did jump out to David and me was the confusion we felt upon hearing the addresses by Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, which went a little like this:  “We live in the greatest country.  Look at what we came from and how successful we are now.  This is why America is great.”  This followed by, “We need change.  America is not great.  There is no hope other than Barack.  America is an unfair and unjust country.”  Yes, we were a bit confused.  Of course, I do have an opinion on why this is, but rather than expound, I’d instead refer you to the Too Good page, where Michael Medved hits the nail with such accuracy, that I’d rather you spend your time there than here.

So, greetings and farewell, from a middle-class wife and mother who truly believes that America is a land of fairness and opportunity.



  1. Boring and fake speeches? Well, of course! This is a political convention. They are always like this. The GOP fest will likely be the same kind of boring promotion of each other that this one is.

    I think the references to a great America was from the standpoint that we are still, overall, the greatest country. But, it is hard to ignore that we are headed down the wrong path and we badly need a course correction.

    Comment by cindyinatl — August 28, 2008 @ 7:49 am |Reply

  2. Ya, down the Slippery Slope to Socialism if Obama gets elected.

    Comment by Jon Hart — August 31, 2008 @ 9:18 am |Reply

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