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August 25, 2008

Naiveté knows no bounds

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A weekend full of visitors—very nice.   A swing set full of kids—adorable.  Parents over for a lazy Sunday—free babysitting.  And I’m not one to let this opportunity pass without taking advantage of it.  I mowed the lawn, went for a run, and took a hot bath without interruption—bliss. 

And now I have to face Monday bravely, and try to work through the long to-do list on my counter.  Starting with freezing tomatoes, a job I hate.  After I’ve completed that, I should freeze the peppers, followed by the first of probably 20 bushels of apples.  I have mentioned that I hate doing this.  But the guilt of seeing them go to waste is almost more than I can stand.  (Nevertheless, after a couple days of freezing, I honestly can let them rot.)

I’m eagerly awaiting the mail today, as I’m expecting a couple things.  One, a book that I’ve been wanting to read, (and one I’m sure you’ll be hearing about after I’m finished.)  And two new pairs of running shoes, one of which will hopefully work, the other of which I can send back.  Jon told me about, and if you haven’t heard of it, try it.  They have shoes and clothing, and shipping is free both ways, plus you hardly wait for your order.  Linus and I look forward to getting the mail every day, even though most days there’s nothing in it.  Today might really be worthwhile.

Parents out there: please, Please, PLEASE don’t forget your baby or toddler in the car seat all day anymore in the heat.  I’ve read of far too many of these incidents lately, the latest being three year old twins.  And I can’t handle it anymore, it breaks my heart.  Check the backseat before going in to work or to shop.  I can’t imagine the pain of being a parent and knowing that it was your fault that your child died in a hot car.  This happened with one of our cats when I was in high school, and that was bad enough.  (I found him.)  Perhaps that is another reason I have such a hard time hearing about these tragedies. 

I think the Obama campaign is in a panic right now, owing to his pathetic performance at the Saddleback Church forum with McCain two Sats. ago and his subsequent falling poll numbers.  I’m sure you’ve all heard not to vote for McCain because he has…seven houses!  Wow, they’re really pulling at straws now.  Why on earth go there, of all places?  Attack his policies if you want, but does anyone honestly think it matters how many houses a person owns?  I mean, how many millions did Obama’s house cost?  Or any other wealthy politician’s?  Since when is it wrong to be a success?  Of course, it all goes back to not being able to make money anymore.

Last week Obama equated Russia and the US in regard to Russia’s invasion of Georgia.  We all expected some people to make the ill-informed comparison between Russia’s invasion of Georgia and the Iraq War.  But the Democratic nominee for president?  Wowza.  You know, it’s frightening to me that a simple housewife in rural NE just might be a little better informed about this than the potential POTUS.  Yes, I suppose that if we’d only have been “nicer” and not invaded Iraq (whose leader ignored UN resolutions at least 15 times, used chemical and biological weapons on his own people and his neighboring countries, invaded other sovereign nations, among other humanitarian atrocities), then Putin wouldn’t have decided to invade Georgia, whose leader has done none of the above.  Nevermind the US tried for ten years to rely on diplomacy before going into Iraq. Nevermind that Republicans and Democrats both stated support for going into Iraq in the first place.  You know, our involvement in WWII was probably unnecessary.  We should have just relied more on diplomacy with Hitler, and I’m sure he would have come around eventually.   Why don’t we just ignore our ally, Georgia, and while we’re at it, why don’t we just let Russia roll on into Poland?  The fun has just begun. 

Enough for now, my head hurts, and those tomatoes won’t be ignored forever.              




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  1. Lindy,

    I enjoy your writing. Good stuff!

    Comment by Fr. Dan Andrews — August 25, 2008 @ 11:36 am |Reply

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