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August 18, 2008

On cleaning

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Good Monday to you.  I’m sure some of you noticed the long feature on the Too Good page, copied right there in full.  Apologies for the length, but none for the content.  It’s well worth taking the time to read it completely.   I would like to write a bit about it, but I think I won’t just yet. 

We are expecting a visit from my parents and grandparents on Wednesday, so there will ensue a flurry of housecleaning.  I successfully cleaned out the Back Closet this weekend.  I’m sure all of us have such an area in our homes, otherwise known as the Black Hole, a vacuous area where vast amounts of miscellaneous junk are deposited because it’s not known what else to do with them.  Most of the time, this area will continue to collect these items until one risks going in and not coming back out, or until one finally has Had Enough and decides to go to drastic measures. 

In our case, this is where many husbands and wives discover their underlying junk philosophy, i.e., whether they’re a saver or a tosser.  And due to a wicked sense of humor on God’s part, most husbands and wives tend to be the opposite, as in our case.  I throw things away to a fault, while David seems to attach emotional significance to even the slightest article.  This makes it nearly impossible to complete such tasks as cleaning the Back Closet together.  So I started it while he was working on Saturday, and then finished the task while he was at church yesterday, having gone earlier myself. 

I was able to get rid of a few things, and it felt so good!  To me, piling stuff into a Goodwill box is like losing weight, except it’s far easier.  But I am always looking over my shoulder, hoping David won’t come in and raise a ruckus over some insignificant item. 

Last spring while cleaning out our clothes closet, I removed a sizeable portion of David’s clothes, and put them into a different, never used closet.  I decided that, if in six months, he went looking for one of his old (and I’m talking 8th grade old) shirts, then I could take that shirt out and re-institute it.  Not surprisingly, this never happened.  I was in the clear to complete the mission in good conscience, and proceed with stage two, moving the sack to Goodwill.   Of course, on Moving Day, I committed a fatal error.  Just as I was about to leave, I ran back into the house to get the kids, and left the trunk door open.  David happened to drive in at this point, notice the open trunk, and suspiciously come to investigate.  I came out of the house to find him indignantly clasping to his chest a short-sleeved, button up collared shirt with PALM TREES all over it.  “I wore this on our second date!  You’re not getting rid of it!”  To which I replied, “And I STILL married you!” 

We ended up having to go through the entire sack right there in the driveway, and we both gave a little bit, but the Tree shirt is still here in the closet, and it has not been worn yet.

Note:  The Barcalounger made it to Elgin, thanks to Keith, who was able to pick it up and transport it yesterday.  It’s as fabulous as I remembered, and I came downstairs last night to find David firmly implanted in it.  He looked quite comfortable, I might add.           


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