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August 8, 2008

Enough already

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Male readers, tune out.  I’m about to embark on a female tirade. 

In health news:  They’re calling it pregorexia, the current trend of some pregnant women going on extreme diets during their pregnancies so as not to gain too much weight.  While I see some good to this restraint, perhaps it’s not the main thing expectant mothers should be worrying about.  Why could this be?  Could it be because all the tabloids (okay, and even some mainstream news sources) can’t seem to get enough of “bump watches” and the apparent ease and speed with which celebrity moms lose the baby weight?  It’s ridiculous.  I’m not advocating gluttony, but give the fetus a cheeseburger now and then.  Not to mention the “mommy makeover” option, which includes a scheduled C-section combined with an immediate tummy-tuck afterward.  While scheduling unnecessary C-sections drives me insane (a topic for another day), this vain combination is contributing to the overall deterioration of motherhood and the mother-baby bond that happens after birth.  (But that’s just my opinion, I suppose.) 

How many times have we mothers shared these sentiments:  I suppose if I had a full-time nanny to care for the baby, a nutritionist to plan my post-baby meals, a chef to cook them, a personal trainer to whip me into shape six days a week, and the time to work out three hours a day, then yes, we too would all lose the baby weight in 6 weeks.  But the more important point is this:  Give moms a break!  We’re getting a little out of balance when the most important thing we worry about is the way we look.  Being a new mom is hard enough as it is.  We really don’t need the extra pressure to look like Nicole Kidman in her skinny jeans two weeks after she gave birth.   Make it stop! 

Tirade over.  I think I will attempt the pool today with the kids.  After all, it will close on the 17th, and we’ve been there…once.  But I have a preview of what will happen (as it happened in Fullerton two days ago.)  Eliza will pitch a fit b/c she doesn’t want to wear a swim diaper (she prefers swimming au naturel).  The fit will then escalate to potential self-injury when she realizes Linus can do something that she cannot (like go into the big pool.)  I will then have to convince Linus to stay in the baby pool with Eliza, so then he will throw a fit.  So then I will decide we have to leave the pool, and I will throw a fit once we’ve reached the car.  Motherhood is the best.


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  1. Greets! Really interesting. Big ups!

    Comment by bmepain — August 31, 2008 @ 10:06 am |Reply

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