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August 6, 2008

On protesting…

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Well, we have finally gotten some rain.  Not much, but I’ll take .20 at this point.  And I did have all of my kitchen and bathroom rugs out on the line all night.  But I did this inadvertantly…it was not my intentional housewifely rain dance.  That must be the key.

As with all cool and rainy mornings, the house slept late.  But that’s okay, our schedule is going to be altered today anyway, as we’re going on a visit to Fullerton, NE to David’s Aunt Lorie’s house.  We might even make it over to the pool.  Yes, I will have to don a bathing suit, but I don’t think I know anyone in Fullerton.

In politics:  A group of Republican lawmakers continues to camp out at the Capitol in protest of Pelosi closing the session immediately after blocking the Republicans’ plan to lift the offshore drilling ban.  Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans desire this, but Speaker of the House (Speaker of the People?  Questionable.) has decided to ignore this b/c she’s a left-wing idealogue.  Great job, Nancy.

I think it’s great, this Republican version of a protest.  It’s quite refreshing to see the Republicans finally growing some balls.  (Sorry, Mom.)  Democrats are protesting all the time, and it grows tiresome and loses effectiveness.  How many times have you thought, “It would be nice for a Republican or a Conservative (not necessarily the same thing) to answer back for once.” 

But I do have a theory about why this tends not to be the case.  The Left loves catchy slogans that grab people’s attentions and play on their emotions.  “Bush lied, soldiers died” type things come to mind.  If one unemotionally and rationally thought this through, they would see how incredibly stupid this is.  But to counter this, it would take a very long, intellectual and involved conversation.  And when arguing with an emotional person, a smart person realizes that it is of little use, as appeals to reason are lost.  You can’t just counter something like that with your own catchy phrase.  It’s just like defending the Catholic faith.  I don’t recall who said this, but it’s like looking at a huge spider web.  Each strand is so interconnected to the others, that if you pull one, twenty others move.  It’s downright daunting. 

Enough with my theories.  I’m sure they are growing as tiresome to some of you, my faithful readers, as the endless protests of which I previously spoke.  At this point, you’re either reading this blog b/c you enjoy hearing me blab, or you disagree with me so much that you just have to check back to see what I’ll have the gall to say next.  At any rate, thank you. 

And I must really be getting ready to go.  I plan on adding another item to the Too Good to Keep to Myself page, so keep on the lookout.


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