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August 5, 2008


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All comments WILL be published, and therefore be public domain.  If anyone else has any new tatoos or body piercings to announce (but want kept covert from parental units), my blog might not be the best place to divulge that information.  Otherwise, AWESOME!  I think nose rings are fantastic.

In health news:  Colonics/colon cleanses are all the rage now, it seems.  For obvious reasons I won’t divulge any names, but I know several people who are employing them at this very moment.  They are slated to cleanse your body (and the deepest, darkest regions of your intestines) of built-up gunk and toxins that make you feel sick, tired, bloated, etc… You can even go to a website to see for yourself the disgusting (and often astonishing) results.  Oprah, I think, is a big fan of the colon cleanse.  From what I understand, for two weeks you load up on all the fiber you can stand, along with strong herbal teas and supplements.  And voila!  You lose pants sizes as rapidly as you sprint to the toilet.  Please don’t think I’m discrediting them.  I’ll bet they work quite effectively, which is the reason why I’m not considering one at this time.  I have a very deep fear of being away from the comfort of my own home when “the urge” strikes.

In other news:  Starbucks has decided to offer cheaper drinks after 2 pm after getting complaints that their drinks are too pricey in these “hard economic times.”  You can now get a $2 iced latte after 2 pm when you show that morning’s receipt.  I think this is a good idea.  Starbucks is operating like any other business in our fine democracy.  They were getting less customers, so they used a little creativity to draw those customers back.  It’s the way the market is supposed to work.  There were no cries for government intervention.  I humbly assert that the same thing will eventually happen with car and energy companies as customers simply take their money elsewhere.  Sooner or later the market will take care of high oil and gas prices.  (just a sidenote:  Why do the same people who hate Walmart for their big corporate status flock to Starbucks [arguably the Walmart of coffeehouses] by the thousands?)    

 Additional FYI:  I’ve had some inquiries about the icon found in the “it’s my blog” post.  For those of you wondering where the anti-Obama slogan came from (or correctly, from where the anti-Obama slogan came), you can go to to choose from a vast and hilarious selection of conservative T-shirts.  (One of my favorites is the baby onesies/toddler shirts that say, “I survived Roe vs. Wade”.  Genius.)  Why don’t I just make it easier and add it to my blogroll?

And now I must end this post and do something productive.  Sigh.


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