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August 4, 2008

Just another manic Monday

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We had a teaser move through about 3:45 am.  I woke to the rumbling of thunder, and of course was instantly awake.  I shut off all the fans and opened the windows, eager to fall back asleep to the pleasant sound of rain.  (We could really use some rain.)  I woke David up to let him know that it was starting to get breezy, and wouldn’t he go outside to grab Linus’s pool toys so they wouldn’t blow away?  And don’t you know, we hardly got a drop.  What I should have done is hung out an entire laundry basket on the line to dry, left the pool toys, turned on all the sprinklers and pulled the car out of the garage with all four windows down.  It never fails to rain when these factors are in play.  Perhaps tonight…

I do like Mondays, though.  Why?  I love being able to get back in some semblence of a routine, (not to mention talk radio is back on.  David loves them b/c the markets are open.  What a dork he is.)  I’m a list-person, and I made up a fresh new list this morning that I can consult intermittently throughout the week to see how much I’m NOT getting done. 

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.  I spent it inside, feeling like I was in the middle of a jet engine due to the ancient window air conditioner we have and the 16 fans we run to circulate the chilled air.  I think the low temp was still only 79 degrees in our house, though.  I go for drives just for a good blast of ac.  I would have never survived the days before air conditioning.  Pathetic, yes.  David took the kids outside and did some good, old-fashioned slip and sliding, and I have the feeling Linus will want to do it again today.  But there is a big difference b/n dad and mom: I choose not to slide!  Just like Jerry chooses not to run.  (Seinfeld reference, in case you were wondering.) 

This entry has been quite bland, I realize.  I must apologize.  I could have talked politics again, but thought I’d wait at least a day or two before jumping back into the fray.  But for now, I must think about that dirty word, l-a-u-n-d-r-y.  For Monday is laundry day, and I guess that should be enough to make me alter my opinion of Mondays a little bit.


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