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August 4, 2008

It must be August…

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..because I’m totally and completely in need of something new to do.  (besides pen inane messages on the internet.)  Yes, I need a project, preferably one that I can complete in a reasonable amount of time with the least amount of work as possible.  In the past, when I’ve gotten this urge, I have usually grabbed a paintbrush and painted a room in the house.  I’m down to two rooms that have remained untouched, but painting a room holds no intrigue for me right now.  Too much work. 

So, I’ve been contemplating a personal transformation.  Perhaps a haircut.  At some point, I believe this desire for something new strikes almost every female.  Yes, I do believe a haircut might be the answer.  But I’m going to issue myself a warning: in the past, this particular desire has always fallen flat (both literally and figuratively.)  You know the drill.  You bring in the picture of the starlet whose coif you HAVE to have, and you fool your brain into thinking that if you only copy the hair, you will end up looking like the star whose hairstyle you emulate.  This is almost never the case.  The end result usually involves a follow-up appointment, tears, a $20 bottle of product to help with new style, and ultimately a do-it-yourself scissoring session that results in a vow to never set your sights so high again.  (Until the next time you see a cute haircut in a magazine.) 

Perhaps I will heed my own advice and forget the haircut.     



  1. Lindy! I’m so impressed, you have a BLOG! Quite an enjoyable read, i tell ya. I just scanned thru them all and it was fun and encouraging to hear a mom say being a mom was nice. 🙂 Hey, i totally feel ya on the “bored, need a change” thing. Been feeling that way, too, esp. since i’m THIRTY now. Ugh. Ya, so, i got a haircut AND a nose piercing. Hee hee…no kidding. Haircut was non-drastic, tho’; actually an improvement! BTW, how many people read this reply? Just you, or others? Guess my mom would’ve found out eventually…:) Looking forward to more posts…hope this isn’t too long. Do you facebook? I’ll check and link you to mine. Have a lovely, hot day! Hot rocks…cold sucks…i’m refusing to complain thus far. –Mandy

    Comment by Mandy — August 4, 2008 @ 9:32 pm |Reply

  2. Mandy: Happy Birthday! Hey, I’m getting there too. Don’t you know, 30 is the new 18? Good to hear from you. And I wouldn’t trade sweating my a_ _ off for freezing cold, either. (But I’ll still complain. 🙂 )

    Comment by lindyborer — August 5, 2008 @ 10:01 am |Reply

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