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August 1, 2008

Pigs, and stuff and such

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I had one of those moments of clarity strike me in the middle of the night, a thought that woke me up instantaneously:  what if, just possibly, someone thought I was being serious when I compared myself to Gisele?  (See post, Overachievers and Underachievers.)  What if the irony and preposterousness did not shine through my typed words?  What a conceited, shallow person I would appear!  Surely, I thought, people know me well enough to realize that I would have to be ultra-medicated to draw such a comparison in seriousness.  But, just in case, please know that only in my wildest dreams have I had the body of a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, been a size zero and over six feet tall. (And David’s too, I suppose.)  So, that is the end of that disclaimer.  In a related story, please see the newest feature at Lindy’s blog, the Don’t you hate it when… page.

And now August is upon us, and we’re deep into the dog days of summer.  I am almost to the point of giving up watering the lawn, but there’s something in me that can’t stand to see grass turn brown.  The Antelope County Fair is going on in Neligh, and I think the kids and I are going to trek over there this morning to see the animals and such.  There is a small voice giving a warning in the recesses of my mind, telling me, “Don’t bother!  It will be more trouble than it’s worth!  Think of the smells, dodging poop with the stroller tires!  The possiblity of pig attack!”  For, apparently, this can be the case.  Last night the girls at Bunco (don’t ask) were talking about their experiences last year at the fair when viewing the pigs.  It sounds as though pigs don’t necessarily get along in close quarters?  Apparently there were lots of scratchings and bitings and vicious attacks on other pigs, and it got to the point of disturbing the children.  Is it wrong, but it kind of makes me want to go?  (What would PETA say? And know that I don’t honestly care.)

I just want to say, I’m so excited to be getting feedback from you all!  I’m such a complete dork, yes, I realize that.  But it’s so exciting!  It’s good to know that there are seasoned moms out there like Trish, who have been in the trenches and come through better than okay.  And Megan H. is a beautiful liar, but tell me lies some more!  (This coming from a girl who looks like Megan Fox, speaking of celebrity resemblences.)  And Shauna in Albuquerque, I can’t wait to hear more of your veterinarian stories.  Why don’t you get a job in beautiful Elgin, NE when you’re back?  More in my next post about how accomplished my friends are… 





  1. Lindy-I love and feel sorry for the little piggys. It’s a good thing I’m not going to the fair. Love, Mom, who is always right.

    Comment by Deemom — August 1, 2008 @ 10:03 am |Reply

  2. Hey Lindy,
    This is the first I have been on your site and I love all of your comments! I got your letter in the mail last night. Love the pic of the kids! While I enjoy my time right now just being married I’m really looking forward to the day when I experience exactly what you have been doing since you have had Linus and Eliza. Gary may disagree with me a little but he is getting more and more ready to start a family! I wish I had something new to report. My life has been pretty boring lately. I was home alone last night so what does any women that has a free night to herself do? I cleaned and took a huge dose of Night Quill and called it a night at 9:00! Boy do I really live it up! We had a big storm blow thru last night (not that I heard it) and it knocked out our power. Needless to say I completely over slept this morning and didn’t get in until 10:00. Thank goodness my sister called or I would probably still be sleeping. Note to self, next time don’t take a full dose of Night Quill. Well it’s great to hear how your doing. Have a nice weekend!

    Comment by Morgan — August 1, 2008 @ 11:35 am |Reply

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