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July 30, 2008

A Pop-Tart Morning

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We have a strange schedule around here, the Borers.  Most mornings I am able to be up for a good hour before the kids.  This time period is crucial to my mental stability, as it allows me to absorb my two strong cups of coffee in peace and tranquility.  I am then able to face the day on a good foundation of caffeine.  I sit, alone, with no one yelling, “Mommy!” with no one crawling on me, or touching me, or asking me to get them food or drink.  I am, for one small time period, autonomous again.  

Then there are the mornings where I oversleep and the entire household wakes up all at once.  I call these the 0-60 mornings, and they are usually classified by making coffee one-handed, while stepping over the drawer contents someone has recently unloaded just for the fun of it, and yelling at Linus to close the bathroom door while he uses it, so that Eliza will not decide to unload another entire load of toilet paper onto the bathroom floor.  This accompanied by the “What’s for breakfast?” from David.  I also call these Pop-Tart mornings. 

What has this morning been?  Most definitely a 0-60 morning.  If I can only squeeze out a good nap…where both kids sleep!  This is the pinnacle of naptime:  The Simultaneous Nap.  It is almost as rare as the Early Effortless Bedtime, and it is always sought after and most of the time unexpected.  I never once thought that the quality of my day would depend so much on a small, three letter word.


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